CBS Radio を日本から聴くことができなくなりました!

すごく残念なニュースですが、全米第2位のラジオ局所有会社 CBS Radio のストリームを日本で聴くことができなくなりました。音楽のストリームに関する著作権料高騰に反発して、CBS Radio が強行措置をとった結果です。WTIC, WCBS, WOGL, KRTH, KAMP など多くの局をリストから落とさざるを得なくなりましたが、そのかわりいろんな局を紹介していきたいと思います。再び、これらの局を聴くことができるようになることを祈りつつ。

CBS Radio cuts off streaming access beyond U.S. borders.

"The policy change happened quietly on Friday, but was quickly detected by the Webcasting/Internet Streaming Board of I checked around and got a couple of confirmations that it’s indeed a permanent change – driven by the thorny problem of music royalties. But the CBS talk-based stations (news, talk, sports) are collateral damage here, because their Internet streams are also now unavailable to users outside the U.S. If you try to log on from the UK or Timbuktu, you get a message that due to costs and regulations, the station can no longer stream. The issue for the talk-based stations is the CBS/AOL player software – the platform shared by all the CBS Radio terrestrial stations which stream. It’s a problem trying to pull out the stations that don’t play music."


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